Urban Nation

We had the pleasure to design “UN-derstand the power of art as a social architect”, the current show at URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART, curated by director Yasha Young. The Museum is a renowned and unique authority in the urban contemporary art sector.


Participatory and lively, the exhibition traces the genesis of a contemporary art trend that is very likely the most powerful of present times. Created from a subculture, urban art has become indispensable from the cityscape of all major cities. At the same time it has settled in the art market and has achieved maximum prices in galleries. But what is so fascinating about urban contemporary art? What is the reason for its success? How much rebellion is still in it and how is UCA developing? Some of the most characteristic exhibits from the museum’s collection, along with a fun layer of education give insight into the ever-changing processes.


It is everything about freedom of expression, originality, thinking outside the box and breaking the rules.

Year: 2018

Locations: Berlin (Temporary Exhibition)

Team Studio TK: Annette Dooman, Carsten Cielobatzki, Daniel Urria, Nona Schmidt, Danuta Gramse, Jean-Paul Laue, Tobias Kunz

Client: Urban Nation / Stiftung Berliner Leben

Photo credits: Carsten Cielobatzki

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