Mammoths, buffalos and magic spaces: The Lascaux Exhibition – The imagery of the ice age takes you on a journey to the past. Explore cave paintings that have been hidden in a mystical place for thousands of years. A place where our ancestors set a milestone for art and cultural history.

For the first time this successful international exhibition reveals the caves and their secret treasures of primeval art to Germany.


In cooperation with SC Exhibitions, the Union Europeenne, and the Ministère Culture Communication Française Studio TK developed the exhibition intro show and shop.

Year: 2019


Team Studio TK: Malte Schurau, Annette Dooman, Carsten Cielobatzki, Daniel Urria, Tobias Kunz

Content Intro Show: Prof. Wilfried Seipel
Sounddesign: Sebastian Purfürst
Graphic Design: Michael Balgavi


Client: SC Exhibitions, a division of Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH
In cooperation with: Ministère Culture Communication Française

Photo credits: Hardy Müller

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