Industrie findet Stadt

Starting point was the search for an unconventional perspective on Berlin’s industry: Three creative degree courses created more than 100 photographs, films and digital apps to develop new, representative images for the capital’s brand communication. In a next step these works were integrated into a modular scenic production in order to find the right balance between exhibition and brand staging. 130 exhibits, 12.000 Euros budget for the realization, time frame 4 months.


Berlin’s industry is different. Compatible with its urban environment, innovative and human. The curatorial and dramaturgic leading theme structures the subject in five independent sections. Industry equals precision. Processes are defined with precision and accuracy, be it in technical drawings or in mechanic production. That is reflected in a clean, geometrical exhibition space with standardized modular bodies. The five sections are zoned by a metric grid of red crosses in red campaign color. With the addition of the red corners on the module frames a three-dimensional coordinate system takes shape.


The project was realized thanks to third-party funding.


Selected works by students: Franziska Waldemer, Tina Keller, Cristina Todorova





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