The Buchstabenmuseum Berlin (Letter Museum Berlin) is the world’s first museum collecting typography from the public space and presenting it as a part of urban history. It preserves and documents built letters and writing together with their background stories and explanations regarding origins and manufacturing techniques. For 10 years now that has inspired people from all over the world.


The construction of a footbridge is the central design element leading through the museum. The visitor becomes a pathfinder guided by the footpath along objects and their stories. An intelligent railing element as the cornerstone of the entire exhibition design structures the rooms: It includes light, object inscriptions, electricity and an orientation system.


The project was realized and built by a team of students from Coburg and both graduates together with sponsoring partners.


The work won at “Gute Gestaltung 12” (Good Design 12) award sponsored by the German Designer Club, in the category “Future.”


Graduation project of: Marcus Hahn and Wolfram Schmeisser








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